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Kraemer & Niereich - Der Leitwolf




“DER LEITWOLF” contains uncompromising mixes by the A-Class producers
Andreas Krämer (Primate, Kne Deep, Reload, Construct Rhythm, Jerk Rec, +++)
Niereich (Nachtsrom Schallplatten, DMOM, Construct Rhythm, +++)
Andre Walter (Stigmata/Blu Fin/Afu Lab/CLR, +++)
Sebastian Groth (ReWashed LDT/Hardshower Music, +++)

Progressive rollin’ techno @ its best on Construct Rhythm — there is nothing more to say!

Andreas Kraemer In early 1992 Andreas Kraemer starts with his Career as an DJ and Producer. In the Age of Seventeen he founds his first Label in Cooperation with PCP (Planet Core Productions) in Frankfurt am Main. This was the beginning of something that will be noticed in History. In a very short period of Time Andreas made himself a name in the whole World with a real lot of Productions . Till now he is one of those Artists who made Techno popular Worldwide and placed it in the clubs. With other well known Techno Artists as Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Cari Lekebusch, Ben Sims and others he had shown presence in Clubs and at Festivals like Awakenings, Dance Valley, I Love Techno, Ground Zero, Monegros, Q-Base to name only a fraction of. He also inspired the masses in Asia, the USA, Australia and several other Countries in the Clubs and Outdoor with his performances. Andreas has done an unbelievable List of productions that`s bigger than 300 Vinyl single releases in the area of Techno and Elektronic music, till now which search it`s same. Primate, Kne Deep, Reload, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Naked Lunch, Blackout Audio only a short list of Labels on which his Productions has been released. His own Labels Construct Rythm and Form Recordings showed, among other memorable releases from artists such as Andre Walter ( Stigmata ) , Niereich , Toni Rios , Robert Natus and of course himself.

His and Faris AL-Hassoni Label Construct Rhythm which is reactivated since 2011 stands for Techno as it`s best and even Digital as well as Vinyl. Andreas is distinguished by it`s wide-ranging musical diversity. His Productions are not only found in the Techno area. With a variety of different Projects he is also in Dance, Charts and electronic music to find and can be made of this division Productions with Artists such as: Katy Perry , Nina Hagen, Kate Ryan , Loona , Depeche Mode in his Discography recorded.

In the early 2012 Andreas was aware of the Artist Niereich, he noticed that there are lots of paralells to his imagination to good driving Techno. He signed Niereich with FALLOUT to Construct Rhythm and this was the start of a friendship and the project KRAEMER & NIEREICH which were short time later, called into being by two. Andreas and Niereich complement there skills in the studio and the result of this Work builds on the success of the chain both recorded already and sets new standards in Techno range. The album “Brett” get released in November on Nachtstrom Schallplatten will be published, followed by the album of the same tour in which cooperation with Abstract from November 2012 Starts.

Andreas is definitely one of the electronic music producers and DJ’s of our time and what among other things, one of the reasons why many Artists choose him as producer.

Discography: http://www.discogs.com/search?q=andreas+kr%C3%A4mer&type=releases


Niereich Austrian artist Niereich earned his laurels with records for Nachtsrom Schallplatten, DMOM, Mastertraxx TK Records and Construct Rhythm and already remixed tracks from Space Djz, Tom Hades,Torsten Kanzler, Chris Hope & Andre Walter, D-Unity, AnGy KoRe, Virgil Enzinger, Octave and many more. As DJ/live act/producer and label co-owner of AUDIO STIMULATION he serves as a true multi-purpose weapon. Recently he played in Tresor Berlin, U60311 Frankfurt Las Dalias IBIZA, Amsterdam Dance Event or at the biggest German in- and outdoor events MAYDAY, RUHR in LOVE and NATURE ONE,he is always rocking as there’s no tomorrow!


André Walter started his career as a producer in the early eighties. Influenced by bands like Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire, Nitzer Ebb and the artist Isao Tomita, André started to to experimentalize with his first audio tools (Atari 1040ST) and tracks. During that period, he made the acquaintance of folks from Giessen like Toni Rios, Marco Cannata and Tommy Bingel, the director of the record store Downtown Records. From that time on he evolved to a frequently requested producer supporting various musicians, dj’s and artists. Andrés first releases were published on the famous labels Harthouse (as “Holocube”), Eye-Q (as “Aquaform”), Kick Down, Fucking Loud and Universal Prime Breaks. In 1994 André ran into Chris Liebing at the popular record store Downtown Records in Giessen, where famous dj’s and acts had their meetingpoint. Visitors during that period of time were Pascal F.E.O.S., Toni Rios, Frank Lorber and several other namable acts. From that day on, every Chris Liebing Release was influenced and produced by André Walter. To create a stage for his own tracks and productions, André Walter, Tommy Bingel, Toni Rios and Chris Liebing launched their own label SOAP Records. Andrés pseudonyms were “Noosa Heads” (in cooperation with Chris Liebing) and “E.H.R.” (featuring Chris Liebing and Toni Rios). Besides the well working cooperation with Chris Liebing, André also produced tracks with Monika Kruse, Thomas Krome, Moguai, Umek, Marshall Jefferson, Massimo, Gayle San, Faris AL-Hassoni/AL-Faris, Marco Cannata and Frank Lorber. In 1998 André began to intensify the coproduction with Chris Liebing besides the SOAP project. Within a short period of time the newly created labels AUDIO, CLR and CLAU advanced to “most-wanted-brands” and global players like Primate, Intec or Ground were hiring the duo to produce songs and remixes for several artists. André’s disposition for the deep and gloomy and his passion for horrormovies had a deep impact on the AUDIO follow-up-project STIGMATA, which has played a major role in the development of modern techno. With STIGMATA André could not only show his almost endless pool of creativity, but also his passion for myth and cabalistic writing. The extraordinary prolific cooperation with Chris Liebing resulted in the winning of the “Best Producer Award” at the German Dance Awards 2001, followed by countless successful productions like the conceptual Chris Liebing record “Evolution”, Remixes of “Blood Angel” by John Starlight, “Sunglasses at Night” by Tiga, “Breakthru” by Sven Väth and “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes, to name but a few. André always breaks new ground and puts innovation into practice. With his release “Dark Listening” André created a dark and mystical journey of spherical sounds and effects, comparable to the famous literary work “Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque” by Edgar Allen Poe. Besides his intense cooperation with Toni Rios nowadays, André also takes care of several up-and-coming talents like Chris Hope and Bug Phunk Deluxe, to push their individual careers through joint efforts and productions. Together with Chris Hope he releases tracks on Planet Rhythm and Perc Trax, which could be found in several playlists and dance-charts of famous techno acts, e.g. Dubfire. At the end of 2008 André and Toni Rios reactivated the label SOAP Records, as well as the formally famous label AUDIO, where André works as the A&R-manager.



Sebastian Groth DJ, Producer and Label Owner Sebastian Groth discovered early his musically interests. At basic school he already created his first „band“. In the early 90s he sympathised with the electronic music in form of Rave, Gabber and Dancemusic So quickly emerged the instrumental music. At the age of 12, he acquired his first music producer software. He learned fast, so only two years later followed the turntables and his DJ career took its course… Bookings in big named clubs like U60311 / Frankfurt aM, Butan Club / Wuppertal, Tresor / Berlin, or at techno festivals as Ruhr in Love , are only a few of the stations on his DJ-career. From the years 2000-2006 he operated a notorious party series “the castle-freaks“ as original member, presenter and resident – DJ. He brought the first world elite DJ..s to the little scene in Westerwald, Germany and celebrated relevant achievements. In September 2008 his first international Records was released and landed straightaway in the top 5 of many relevant national clubmusic-store charts. Through this release „House Legend” George Morel gets attention to him, who loved his stuff and signs him to his well known label “Groove on” and gave Sebastian a chance to Remix Morels club classicer “lets groove” 2009, he started his own Label: ReWashed LDT. Since that time it goes on and on with his productions and the label. Followed releases going out on big named labels like: Italo Business,Naked Lunch, Elektrax, Construct Rhythm, TK-Rec, Android Musiq, Amazone and many many more. He did Allready Remixes for People like:Andreas Krämmer, George Morel, Niereich, Arkus P, Hackler & Kuch, Cortechs, A-Brothers just to name a few and these Releases are played by: Dave Clark, Chris Liebing,Dj Rush, Len Faki, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Laurent Ganier, Space Djz, Monika Kruse, Gayle San, the Advent, Umek and the most other big named Techno Djs

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